From in the heart of Muskoka,

A Small Family Business located in Port Sydney, Ontario

We were bit by the embroidery bug back in 2011 when we purchased the first machine. It quickly became apparent that digitizing software was required as the ideas we had we couldn’t find designs to match. Even with combining files the look wasn’t what we were looking for.

So we purchased our first version in 2013. Of course we were thinking this would be easy. Boy were we surprized. For the next 3 years we played and learned this software inside and out. In Novemeber 2015 it was announced a newer version was going to be available with many changes. We upgraded this spring. What a nice surprize. Now aspects of designing has become easier.

It now makes it possible to tweek each design as required for individual customer with ease.

Along with designing and stitching out embroideries, we also invested in a Long arm quilting machine in 2015. Once we have worked out the bugs with the embroidery side of things we will work on an Long Arm Quilting part of the site.

As it stands now for quilting call for an appointment- 705-380-6174. Intake days are Monday and Tuesday 9 am until noon. Pick up days are Friday and Saturday noon until 5 pm. Other arrangements can be made by calling. We offer hundreds of pantographs for E2E plus we offer custom work.

You can also make arrangements to use our machine during our quiet times for an hourly fee in the shop. This is subject to us being able to stay right with you at all times to ensure your ease of operation.

Meet the Team

Margaret Thomas


She is the one responsible for the designs, in fact in charge of everything. Including the 2 Newfoundland dogs always nearby.

Little Nellie
Embroidery Machine

She is a one of the great work horses in the shop.

Big Bertha
Long Arm

She may look complicated and imposing, but once you get to know her you will see just how sweet she is.