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Get Ready for Christmas

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So this month as I watch the leaves start to turn color, the cottagers are up for Labour Day long weekend. We start to think of the upcoming seasons.

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Instead we decided to do Christmas.

For something special- since many sites only offer simple designs- we will be offering a ITH project this month.

So lets get started.

The files are free on our site for the month of September.

So Lets see what we are going to make-

Presents 2

So the first step is to go to our site and download the files.

Here is a link: Click here to get the files now.

You can follow the instructions along here as well as print them off as they are included in the zip file.


 Presents Christmas Tag ITH



Materials Required

You will need a 4 x 4 hoop.

Wash away stabilizer.

Material we used felt approx. 3” by 4” times 2 as we will use one for the back

Embroidery thread- you do not need to use the colors we have chosen for this design

If you purchased the customized back for your tag: this MUST be stitched out first. Follow steps 1 to 3 to complete the back. Then start over again with the front.


1          Step 1

Gather all your material together, including the thread colors chosen for the design.

Unzip the file from the link above and save to your format required for your machine in the required method. I use a USB stick to transfer designs from the computer to the machine.

Load the design into the machine and hoop wws stabilizer into a 4 x 4 hoop.

wws in hoop

Put into machine.

2        Step 2

Start the machine and complete step 1- which will be an outline of design for material placement.

first step


3        Step 3

Place your material good side up over the stitching lines making sure the area is fully covered.

You can either just hold in place or add basting spray to hold the material down for the next step.

Complete the next stitching step.

Your project should now look like this.

Present back

Take hoop off machine and carefully cut around the stitching line as close as you can being careful not to cut the threads. Once done put hoop back into the machine and go to next step.

Front trimmed

4        Step 4

Complete the next number of steps to complete the present stitch out on the tag.

5        Step 5

Present cut out and stitching beginning

Complete the next set  of stitches on the machine to add to the motif and placement line for back

present stitching finished

6        Step 6

Take hoop out of machine and add the fabric to the back making sure you have covered the stitching line all the way around. (If using a custom back- carefully line up on the lines all the way around.)  Use basting spray to hold into place. Load back into machine and complete next step on machine. Once done remove hoop from machine and trim away excess fabric from backing by cutting as close as you can to the stitching line making sure you do not cut the threads. When completed load hoop back into machine and continue with next step.


7         Step 7

Finish the rest of the steps on the machine and when embroidery completed remove.

7.1        Now remove from hoop and use a Q-Tip dipped in water to carefully remove the wws from around the edge of the tag.

Present finished

Using a paper hole cutter. Punch the hole inside the small circle.

Cut 6” ribbon and insert into the small hole and tie the ends together.

Presents 2

Margaret Thomas

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